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We can explain our quality policy’s guiding principles with the headlines stated below:

Customer Satisfaction: Our target is ensuring continuous and permanent customer satisfaction.

Suitability of IATF16949: To fulfill of all requirements of IATF 16949 standart and continous improvment.

Participation of Our Employees:Providing continuous development with our knowledgeable, skillful, well educated and highly motivated employees.

Cooperation with our OEM customers: One of our most important objectives is working with our customers with mutual cooperation and trust in order to increase our productivity.

Cooperation with our suppliers: We work together with mutual trust and cooperation with our suppliers in order to increase our productivity.

Training: Increasing potentials of our employees through continuous training and providing their individual contributions.

Manufacturing without Failures: We provide feedbacks and statistical parameters to our employees to ensure continuous improvement and development in all our processes. Our main goal is ZERO FAILURE.

Continuous Improvement: Regarding our continuous improvement principles our target is increasing efficiency in all of our processes in order to increase our competitiveness.

After-Sales Services: We increase our customer’s satisfaction with our after-sales services.

Respect to Environment: We work in accordance with environmental protection law , we fulfill all requirements of occupational health and safety legislations.

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Dirikanlar Otomotiv Dirikanlar Otomotiv